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Allergy Relief and a Ginger-Lemon Cleansing Drink FOR YOU!

  Here’s something I had to share with my readers. I know some of you have complained about seasonal allergies.You may or may not know that the foods we eat directly affect how our bodies respond to allergens. Incorporating extra … Continue reading

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Healthy English Muffins You Can Easily Make

Who doesn’t love those nooks and crannies?  My English muffins get slathered with coconut oil or grass fed butter. Even though it’s not a big deal to go to my local Trader Joe’s and buy whole wheat English muffins, there’s … Continue reading

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Eat More. Weigh Less.

I’ve had countless conversations about eating more to weigh less. It seems like fear has crept in people’s lives where eating fat and or eating too many times per day makes a person think they will just get fatter. To … Continue reading

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Garbanzo Bean Pizza Crust (low-glycemic, high protein pizza crust)

In a part of Italy, you will find  pizza made on the stove-top. It is leavened with baking powder and not yeast. I’ve been doing this for years now with crust I make from semolina flour. Sometimes I alter it … Continue reading

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Blog Recipes; take this poll

Blog recipes are super popular. As I gather up my recipes, I want to know more about what people search for and why. Humor me In answering this simple question. Thanks! Much appreciated!

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