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7 Ways to Eat Healthy For Less…

People always say that eating healthy is expensive, but really, it is no more expensive when you consider what the healthy people aren’t buying and eating in general. Continue reading

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Resist the urge to splurge

From what I’ve gathered, we tend to think we owe it to ourselves to give in to temptation. We think that if we don’t have the treats, then we are somehow being jipped or unable to enjoy life. We think … Continue reading

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Tips From Your Personal Trainer

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  I hope you are working out and on your way to having a leaner healthier body. We are to care for ourselves and it is amazingly up to us to do it. Proverbs 31:17  says “She dresses herself with … Continue reading

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NON-GMO FOODS;a resource

I don’t like to get hung up on things so much that it consumes all my time and effort, but i do like to be educated so I can make good decisions for my and my family’s health. Avoiding GMO … Continue reading

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Fit, Healthy Home

I study natural health, so naturally, it’s not just about food. Your surroundings can affect your health as well. It’s a silent, but very real part of life. I read an article in a magazine a long time ago and ripped … Continue reading

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Create healthy eating habits….start by eating!

  Create healthy eating habits that will prevent disorders. Many people have eating disorders that have not been titled as such. Skipping meals and eating a lot at once to make up for lost time can be labeled a binge. … Continue reading

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