Eat Low Glycemic Foods to Stay Lean

Persimmon, pear, apple, kiwi, lemon juice, and fresh chopped mint ...

If ever looking to get leaner in a hurry, eat low on the glycemic index. The glycemic index refers to carbohydrates. Protein and fats don’t affect blood glucose so much.

Suggestions of low to high glycemic foods: Try apples instead of bananas, berries instead of pineapple. Whole grains (not flour though) instead of white rice, steel cut oats instead of quick oats. Those are just a few examples. Any amount of size reduction in a grain makes it more refined and affects blood sugar levels.

Even as part of regular dieting for greater weight loss efforts, low glycemic foods are the best bet, because there is that much less triggering of pancreatic enzymes. Insulin is an over-triggered enzyme causing spikes in blood sugar levels and can be a main cause of weight gain and pre-diabetic conditions.

Juice, added sugars, processed cereals, cookies, and cakes are high glycemic and should be avoided.

Remember that eating protein with carbs can lower the overall glycemic effect on the body. for example, the protein bars I make and sell have high fiber carbs, fat and protein, giving it good balance.

Generally, high fiber foods (which I have been telling you all to stick to) are lower glycemic. I say generally, because it refers to unprocessed foods which retain natural cellulose fibers. cooking will break down fiber so be sure to steam veggies only lightly and consume a good amount of raw veggies. Whole Wheat flour is actually higher glycemic because it is refined. It is still higher in fiber and has most of the nutrients intact. It is still a better choice. For the sake of lowering blood sugar and/or losing weight, your best bet is to stay away from bread in general. Sprouted grain bread and those containing seeds are lower glycemic and are a pretty good choice.

Taking care of our digestive system is important in maintaining overall health including weight. It may be important to you to not only eat low-glycemic foods, but also to include probiotic foods and supplements.

Here is a list of common foods:   (this site also very educational)

Here’s a great list of only low-glycemic foods. I recommend printing it and adding some of the foods to your shopping list:



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