Healthy Supplements For Your Best Fitness

Healthy Supplements for Your Best Fitness!
by Charlene Ryan, holistic nutrition advisor, ISSA trainer

… and some that every person should have on hand to help boost immunity when needed so there won’t necessarily be a need to go buy harsh medications with artificial colors, and flavors.

Do you agree that when you exercise, you’re more mindful of what you eat? and when you eat better you have the energy to exercise?  Take it a step further to help support all of the body’s systems.



For protein sources, plant proteins and Whey Protein Isolate play an important role in helping you stay lean and healthy. Plant protein is less taxing on the body than protein from meat, dairy, and eggs. I, being mainly vegetarian, believe you can get all the protein you need from just grains, nuts, seeds, lentils, legumes, and produce. It all adds up in a day. I recommend experimenting with various plant protein powders to see which ones you like the best, or better yet, vary it anyway or make a mixture.
Whey protein helps boost immunity and helps fill in the gap of protein deficiencies for active people. After a workout, whey is easily absorbed into the body for use in tissue repair—great for muscle building.

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Whey protein isolate can be a quality protein source when you need extra. The trick is to find the purest whey and avoid complexes where the isolate is only a fraction of the mixture.



CLA , the short name for conjugated linolenic acid. The source of CLA comes from properly raised beef including the meat and the dairy products that come from cows. Eggs also contain some CLA. You will not get CLA from other meat or dairy. CLA is for the active person looking to get leaner and also for those wishing to increase healthful fats in the diet. CLA affects fatty acid oxidation and promotes good cellular health in many areas of the body   Dr. Oz says if there is a lot of inflammation in the body because you’re eating a lot of the wrong foods it is hard to suppress it. These good fats(CLA) do the opposite of the bad fats. CLA fights cancer and heart disease. Aim for 1,000 mg a day before a meal.

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Essential Fatty Acid Supplements

Fish oil; DHA and EPA are noted for delivering healthful fats to important body tissues such as the brain, skin, and joints. Country Life is a reputable brand in the natural food world. Country Life Fish body oil can be taken daily.  It is a fantastic supplement for anyone, even nursing mothers.

Vitamin C powder( in the form of ascorbic acid;buffered or non-buffered) or buffered vitamin c capsules. During times of bodily stress and during cold and flu season, vitamin C is helpful when it can saturate your cells. A virus cannot penetrate a C-filled cell. Vitamin is water-soluble and any excess will not build up in the body. Note: Buffered C’s contain calcium because it acts as the buffer so If I happen to be taking my calcium, I may choose my non-buffered C, but also note that too much C can interfere with the calcium uptake. Many indications for C in prevention and treatment are up into the grams. It is deemed safe to take 5,000mg (5g) on average on days when you need it.

China Vitamin C Powder - China Vitamin C Powder, Antioxidants

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

Calcium and magnesium should be in a ration or 2:1 in the body and in supplements. Vitamin D helps with the absorption of calcium and is a super nutrient in and of itself. Schiff calcium/magnesium/Vitamn D3 is a fantastic mix of these three important bone-building and bone-keeping nutrients.. I like this one because it is a softgel.

Olive leaf is a potent anit-viral. Who doesn’t need an anti-viral? Along with a clean diet, you can ward off viruses before they creap into your system, and help them be on their way if you’ve already been affected.

Olive Leaf – A Miraculous Source Of Health And Immunity

Olive Leaf

If you’re looking for a great whole foods multi-vitamin, Peter Gillham’s Organic Vitality is one way to go. This liquid can be taken alone or added to smoothies. It tastes great and I can say, my kids also like it—I give a lesser amount to them, but since it’s food, you don’t really have to worry about overdose.

For those in multiple fitness activities and with athletic training goals such as muscle building, Amino Acids can be the missing link. I’m a living proof that certain aminos such as arginine and ornathine can help prevent muscle loss. Taken at night before bed, there’s less chance of muscle breakdown while you sleep. If you do choose to try out amino acid supplements, find complete essential amino acids all in one supplement, because too much of one can lead to imbalances. Athletes use branched-chain amino acids (BCAA’)to improve exercise performance and reduce protein and muscle breakdown during intense exercise. Whey protein supplements usually proclaim the presence of BCAA’s in their products.  When considering supplementation, make it important to maintain an active lifestyle. It makes no sense to take all these supplements that support muscle repair and growth  if you’re not going to use them (the muscles).

Last but not least, Green Tea can become an essential to you once you start consuming it daily. The fitness benefits are heart disease prevention, brain-related disease prevention, and a slimmer waist line.  Green tea is hardly processed so it contains higher amounts of antioxidants called cathechins, than darker teas. Part of the heart protective attributes  are that the catechins lower cholesterol and blood pressure.  Aside from drinking it, you can take green tea supplements with higher milligrams of catechins and polyphenols. So either swap out other drinks(especially sugary ones) for green tea, or just add it to your diet. Either way you’re getting antioxidant protection against disease, helping weight loss efforts and improving brain function.


Green Tea






Dr. Oz CLA | Benefits Of CLA | Conjugated Linoleic Acid


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