Food Love for the Bachelor

Through conversations galore, I have come to feel compassion for the bachelor and his lifestyle. It seems he is not motivated to eat well or eat as often as he should. Exercise may or may not be an issue. I think he (sounds like I’m stereotyping, but if you’re a bachelor and you’re not like this, pardon me) enjoys getting out, being active and keeping in shape.

I just want the bachelor to know he’s not alone.

I wish to encourage you to eat healthfully; you are important whether or not you have a family. There are people who love you, so take care of yourself.

Start with the right tools

Click on the picture for a pretty good basic list

I’m including some links for some fantastic foods you can make at home easily. Click on the picture for a recipe for pumpkin spice steel-cut oatmeal. Oh, it’s much better than a packet. Love your food.

First you need to shop for some good breakfast foods:

Get a few bags of frozen fruit, preferably organic (love your food). I like strawberries, pineapple, blueberries and mixed berries. Mango is great too.

Bananas; grab several. When they start to get too ripe, slice them and freeze the slices. Use them in smoothies.

Rolled or steel-cut oats; I know packets are convenient, but they are not about wholesome, they are about convenient and tasty (i know that can be a good thing), meaning more refined and loaded with unnecessary ingredients. Here’s a tip. At night before hitting the sack, Soak desired amount of oats in enough water to cover. Store in fridge or in pan ready to go int he morning. When morning comes they will hardly take anytime to cook, or you can eat them as is—I often eat raw, soaked oats tossed with blueberries, protein powder, cinnamon, and almond milk.

Nuts: unsalted walnuts, almonds, cashews, peanuts, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, and chia seeds. you can store all of these in your freezer and use as needed. you can lightly pan toast them or eat them raw. I like to chop them, toss them with coconut, agave nectar, and cinnamon and sprinkle atop cereal, toast, yogurt, etc.

Plain yogurt: for use in smoothies

Fresh fruit: apples (they keep well in the fridge), pears (these decay quickly; only  what you will eat once they ripen), grapes, cherries, strawberries  (good snacks, but loaded with pesticides–buy organic), oranges, grapefruits (store these in the fridge also–they’ll last longer),

Buy whole wheat tortillas to wrap up your scrambled eggs. For good measure, throw in some baby spinach and chopped onions just before the eggs are done.

All Recipes:

Get healthy recipe ideas from Food Network

As far as bingeing goes. Try to shift away from this habit. It only leads to more bingeing and weight gain and a host of other problems. If nighttime is your downfall, try picking up a hobby maybe in place of watching TV. Sometimes when you’re busy, you don’t think about food as much.

Healthy Snacks: click

Keep this in mind:

Eat for fuel

Eat to help rebuild and replenish

Educate yourself about what is and isn’t good for you

Next time you cook, invite a friend over, put on some music or your favorite sports game, and chat while you prepare food. It’s  great habit and healthy!


About Fit, Healthy, Happy Home

I now more than ever dedicate all that I do to the Lord and His purposes. As a trainer and natural foods consultant, mother of 3 and wife to an anointed husband, My blog reflects my walk with God and what He gave us, and how to prepare foods the best way possible, and my desire to get others in shape.
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