Fat to the Rescue

Do not forget your healthy fats in your nutrition pantry. When I talk to people about what they eat, i don’t generally hear them say much about fats. In fact many health advocates (or so-called) are still saying eat fat free this and fat-free that. I say, don’t do that. Include nature’s fats such as: avocados, olives, nuts, seeds, coconut, coconut oil. These kind of fats help your body metabolize fats—meaning helping with the process of carrying triglycerides out of storge (fat storage). Salty snacks aren’t the answer though; as they cause you to overeat. A handful of nuts is plenty. A heaping tablespoon of peanut butter is great. Guacamole or hummus as a sandwich spread is perfect.
Supplementing with essential oils (yes, more fats) will give your body more of what ot needs. Take in those omega-3’s from fish oil or borage seed oil. Our bodies do not produce them; You can also get them from oily fish (wild-caught has the omega-3’s), walnuts, tuna, flax, hemp, and chia. Your body will be happier; cravings wlll lessen, and your hair and skin, and brain will be healthier. The general satiety level will increase also.
Happy Fat indulging!


About Fit, Healthy, Happy Home

I now more than ever dedicate all that I do to the Lord and His purposes. As a trainer and natural foods consultant, mother of 3 and wife to an anointed husband, My blog reflects my walk with God and what He gave us, and how to prepare foods the best way possible, and my desire to get others in shape.
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