WHFoods: Sesame seeds

WHFoods: Sesame seeds.

Getting more sesame in the diet with sesame butter and sesame salt.

Sesame is most often consumed without choice in the matter. Whether sprinkled on buns or bagels or in the form of tahini, a sesame paste added to some brands of hummus; it probably isn’t enough when you consider all the benefits.

To try to get sesame into the diet more often is a good eneavour.

Sesame Butter:

The most healthful way to eat sesame seeds is in their natural, unhulled state, except that in order for the  minerals, such as calcium, to be more bioavailable, you need to soak them overnight or for about 8 hours; this breaks down the oxalic acid content. After soaking,  lightly toast them. After this step, whike the seeds are still hot and oily looking, I then will toss them into my food processor and process until milled fine. Then I add some sesame oil and whirl again untl it is of a spreadable consistency. You may add salt if you wish, or any herbs you like, to then use as a spread for your toast or even a filling for celery. This sesame butter can also be used like tahini in chick pea hummus, but you may need to thin it out a little more with aadditional sesame oil, olive oil or water from your can of chick peas for ease of blending.

For sesame salt, also called gomasio (a Japanese macrobiotic condiment): to 1 cup of sesame seeds (they need to be already dried), add a tablespoon of quality mineral-rich sea salt, and toast over medium-low to medium heat until you can smell the deliciousness, stirring often. Then process in a mini food processor or blender only in pulses. It should be fine enough to sprinkle, but you should be able to still see some sort of shape to a good portion of the seeds. This becomes the tastiest condiment, good for flavoring most foods in place of salt. Once cooled, store in a shaker jar in a cool dry place. I can often get away with using this in place of grated cheese on my kid’s broccoli and other vegetables. I personally like it on my salad with a little olive oil, and lemon juice. It makes a low-sodium dressing that you don’t have to make ahead of time.


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