Create healthy eating habits….start by eating!


Create healthy eating habits that will prevent disorders. Many people have eating disorders that have not been titled as such. Skipping meals and eating a lot at once to make up for lost time can be labeled a binge.

Thinking that not eating is a way to lose weight is wrong thinking. We must eat to defeat.

You will literally increase your metabolism just by eating breakfast each day. You prevent yourself from getting hungry just by eating every couple of hours–like putting a log in the fireplace. The fire being your food recipes, health, food, recipes,

Buy only whole unrefined foods for preparing meals such as oats, millet, quinoa, buckwheat, beans, legumes, vegetables, frozen edamame, fruit, nuts, seeds, nut butters, eggs, egg whites, organic grass-fed meats and cheeses, yogurt. For prepared foods and snacks, whole grain breads, rice cakes, baby carrots, celery sticks, whole grain graham crackers, and trail mix.

Choose a healthy breakfast, full of fiber. Fiber comes from whole, unrefined foods, so avoid white bread, and processed sugary cereals.  Meals without fiber do not satisfy you, leaving you hungry……you don’t want that!

A light mid-morning snack of fruit and nuts or fruit and a protein drink (perfect after a workout) would carry you nicely until lunchtime.

A mid-afternoon snack will prevent you from over-eating at dinner. Choose wholesome foods such as rice cakes with nut butter, trail mix, unsweetened yogurt with a little granola, or an apple and peanut butter.

Remember this: High fiber foods help your body shed fat, keep you healthy, and prevent hunger!

By dinnertime, you will be comfortably hungry–meaning not wanting to shove your face with anything you see. You will have time to prepare a healthy meal. Take time to look up recipes either online or in a cookbook and enjoy the experience.

Below is a list of 16 tips for dealing with eating disorders from:

You may not need to go to the extent of all 16 ways, but learn to be open and do not be afraid to talk to someone–maybe someone who is a health and fitness enthusiast or a nutritionist.

  1. Tell someone. Even if only one person knows about your disorder, at least you will no longer be alone in your struggle.
  2. Seek out treatment and therapy. Enroll in an eating disorder treatment facility or attend therapy session. Be willing to learn and make yourself vulnerable.
  3. Carry limited amounts of food at home. Although this may be more of a hassle, it will limit temptations at home.
  4. Relax. Set aside time to enjoy life and take part in a fun activity.
  5. Forgive yourself. You can’t change the past, you can only learn from your mistakes.
  6. Exercise. Plan out an appropriate exercise program you will desire to maintain.
  7. Determine the causes and triggers of your disorder. By doing this you can then take steps to prevent further binges.
  8. Eat breakfast daily. Those who do not regularly eat breakfast are more prone to binging and eating high calorie meals later in the day.
  9. Share your concerns with friends and family. Never isolate yourself.
  10. Take adequate nutrients. If you do not consume enough nutrients for your body, consider taking vitamin and mineral supplements.
  11. Find self-help books. These books will encourage you and often offer helpful advice, especially if they are centered on binge eating.
  12. Attend a support group. Knowing that others struggle with the same problems may relieve stress.
  13. Talk with a nutritionist. He or she can help you set up an appropriate meal plan.
  14. Write in a journal. This may help especially when you have the urge to binge eat.
  15. Do not diet. Fad diets rarely help for long periods of time and very strict diet plans may only make your disorder worse.
  16. Love yourself for who you are, not what you look like.

Binge eating disorder is a type of eating disorder, one which often requires the help of an eating disorder treatment center for recovery. If you or a loved one struggles with binge eating would like to seek binge eating recovery, call one of the many eating disorder residential centers today for assistance. These eating disorder treatment clinics provide clients with an excellent staff, specialized programs, and a variety of therapy types. Overall, eating disorder treatment centers have been proven beneficial in treating recovery and preventing relapse.

via 16 Ways To Overcome Binge Eating Disorder | Informative Treatment Articles.

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